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Working Together Agreement Ecia

Individual funding through the NDIS means that parents and caregivers are de facto employers of early childhood intervention (ICH) practitioners. This is a good thing in many ways, because choice and control are now in the hands of families when it comes to how their child with a disability gets funding. ICE families and practitioners are often not fully aware of the curriculum that already exists in early childhood in the Early Learning Framework of the 2000s (EYLF) or may not understand how learning is done through daily experiences. Families may be so concerned about getting technical assistance for their child quickly that they do not realize the many benefits of inclusion for their child and others. Similarly, the many ICE practitioners who visit your environment may have unclear roles and responsibilities. Most of the specialist visitors came from different agencies, some of whom didn`t even know about the involvement of others. Two of these practitioners asked Zaib to remove Zaib from his nursery room to work separately with him. A practitioner has worked in a very different way from our approach, with many extrinsic rewards. It never seemed like it was time to talk to all these visitors, and there were additional adults around us who worked with this child in different ways. When Zaib`s mother or dad picked him up at the end of the day, we noticed that if there was a specialist, they would go to their house rather than one of us educators to find out what his day was like. We thought we were doing what it took to respond to what the family wanted, but we realized that in our efforts to be inclusive, we had accidentally let the gentlemen go about what was happening in our own centre. You have access to some funding for these specialized services and you will know how to choose, how these funds are spent.

There are many different suppliers between which you can choose. You think, as parents, more help is better and you arrange a number of private practice therapists and non-governmental organizations to work with your child as quickly as possible. Your child attends kindergarten three days a week, is with grandparents the other two days while you work long hours, and it seems that it happens most conveniently for intervention in kindergarten (after all, we know that children only play in kindergarten…).

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