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What You Might Include In A Postnuptial Agreement

As in the case of a conjugal agreement, post-nuclear agreements allow a couple to alleviate the tensions caused by financial problems. The conclusion of this contractual style will allow the spouses to define an equitable distribution of property when the marriage dissolves. If you are considering a post-uptial agreement, talk to a lawyer about what you can and cannot include in the agreement. Some things you think you can control, like child care, are blocked by post-nuptials. It is important to talk to a lawyer about your case before writing or singing a prenup or post-nup in California. For free legal advice on your case, call our Ventura family lawyers at Bamieh and De Smeth law firms today at (805) 585-5056. The provisions in a post-uptial custody agreement are not applicable, nor are the provisions that attempt to regulate the routine aspects of the marital relationship. [9] Whether or not a post-uptial agreement is applied depends largely on the state in which you live. Some countries have a tough approach to enforcing post-up agreements. If there is evidence that the parties have not disclosed their financial information in a comprehensive and fair manner, the entire agreement could be rejected.

The main reason why most people establish a post-uptial arrangement is to put on how their marital assets and debt are distributed when they divorce or when a spouse dies. For example, if you inherited a house from your grandmother before marrying your spouse, your post-uptial arrangement may stipulate that you will keep that house after the divorce. Conversely, if you have entered into the marriage with large credit card debts, the contract may provide that you are solely responsible for repaying these remaining debts after the end of the marriage. If one of you creates a successful business during the marriage, you can indicate that the business is yours if you and your spouse separate. You can also decide what to do with your home, cars and investment accounts as well as your mortgage and other debts. Since the prospect of giving your fiance a prenup before the big day may conflict with the concept of lifetime commitment, couples who can benefit from such an agreement will probably avoid the subject. However, after the honeymoon, one or both people may choose to reconsider these provisions.

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