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What Is A Legal Services Agreement

3.5. The customer reimburses the company for the justified and necessary costs associated with the execution of the transfer. Fees to be reimbursed include, for example. B, government fees, translation fees, expert fees, travel coverage costs (airfares, ferry tickets, hotel accommodation, etc.), courier and communication costs, abnormally high copy costs, commitment, etc. At the client`s request, the registry adds the corresponding fees (bills, receipts, boarding passes, etc.) to the legal services bill. 1.1. The registry provides the client with legal services consisting of professional legal advice, representation or defence of the person in court, during the proceedings or elsewhere, as well as the establishment of documents for the person and the execution of other legal acts in the interest of the person. 3.6. As a general rule, the registry submits at the beginning of the month following the bill for the legal services provided and the costs incurred in the previous month. The duration of the invoice is ten days, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.

At the request of the client, the registry completes the invoice with a report on the legal services provided. These terms and conditions of the provision of legal services are an integral part of the contract with the client (contract with the customer) between and between Triniti O`s Company (company) and dem`s client, which apply to the provision of legal services by the registry, unless otherwise agreed. If there is a difference between the terms and conditions and the contract with the customer, the contract with the customer is a priority. (a) there is a conflict of interest; or (b) the client has made an application whose compliance requires the lawyer to break the law or ethical requirements; or (c) that the client has breached an essential provision of the legal services contract; or (d) the client does not provide information or documents necessary for the registry or lawyers to enforce the vigilance obligations; or (e) at any time in the provision of legal services, a circumstance that indicates that the person, action or commercial relationship is related to money laundering or terrorist financing, whether the client, his representative or his actual beneficiary is sanctioned, or where the supervisory authority requires it in the context of the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.

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