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Us Leaving Paris Agreement Consequences

„We have worked very hard to ensure that every country in the world can join this new agreement. And so, by losing one, we feel like we have failed. A proposal from BNP Paribas Asset Management won a 53% majority at Chevron – it asked the oil giant to ensure that its climate lobby complied with the paris agreement`s objectives. Trump`s exit from the Paris accord will have an impact on other countries by cutting financial assistance to the Green Climate Fund. [12] The end of US funding of $3 billion will have a final impact on climate change research and will reduce society`s chances of meeting the Paris Agreement goals and omit U.S. contributions to future IPCC reports. [13] [14] Trump`s decision will also affect CO2 emission space and carbon prices. [15] The withdrawal of the United States will also mean that the place where the global climate regime can be adopted will be accessible to China and the EU. [16] When the withdrawal is effective, the United States will be the only UNFCCC member states not to have signed the Paris Agreement. At the time of the initial announcement of the withdrawal, Syria and Nicaragua were also not present; However, both Syria and Nicaragua have ratified the agreement, so the United States is the only UNFCCC member state that intends not to be a contracting party to the agreement.

„This is certainly a blow to the Paris agreement,“ said Carlos Fuller of Belize, the negotiator for the Alliance of Small Island States at the UN talks. The agreement also provided for a framework for assessing progress made every five years. This would allow governments to ideally change their obligations, called national contributions or NDCs, by making them more ambitious with lower technological costs, but also, if necessary, by reducing them without penalty. The United States is the world`s second largest emitter, behind China, and its promised emission reductions accounted for about 20% of the global reductions under the agreement. U.S. European allies campaigned against the U.S. exit from the agreement, saying it would weaken their enforcement measures and undermine other countries` determination to make their own dark cuts. They fear that a decline in the world`s largest economy will prevent efforts already made to mitigate climate change that is causing significant damage to the coasts. Some foreign policy experts, such as former Under secretary of state R. Nicholas Burns, say a return to the agreement could hamper U.S.

influence on a number of unrelated diplomatic issues. Stewart Patrick of CFR said the decision „will threaten the national security and prosperity of the United States by sabotaging the global leadership of the United States.“ If the obstructionists want to end up with me, let`s make them non-obstructionists. We`re all going to sit down together, and we`re going to get back to the deal. And we will do it well, and we will not close our factories, and we will not lose our jobs. And we will meet with the Democrats and all the people who represent either the Paris agreement or something we can do, much better than the Paris agreement. And I think the people of our country will be delighted, and I think the people of the world will be delighted. But until we did, we came out of the agreement. The agreement is a massive redistribution of wealth from the United States to other countries. With a growth of 1%, renewable energy sources can meet part of our domestic demand, but with 3 or 4% growth that I expect, we need all forms of American energy available, or our country – (Applause) – will be seriously threatened by power cuts and power cuts, our businesses will often stop, and the American family will suffer the consequences in the form of lost jobs and a very low quality of life. „It is really hard to imagine that other countries, in terms of ambition and leadership, are solving the climate crisis in the United States.

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